Love Where You Live

Many renters have complicated relationships with their living spaces. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to make the home that you live in right now a place that you absolutely love. Here are some ideas from Apartment Therapy.

1. Bring in flowers and plants

Now only do flowers make any room feel better and brighter. Research shows that bright, fresh cut flowers instantly improve your mood, stimulating creativity and improving concentration.

2. Hang new art!

Nothing brightens and personalizes a space quite like art. Even one or two pieces that you adore will go a long way toward improving the atmosphere of your home. If you already have art up on the walls, consider moving one or two things to different positions. A little change can be a nice pick-me-up.

3. Do a deep clean

Put on some music and make a day of doing a thorough clean. Seeing what it looks like when everything is clean at the same time can really change your perception of a space. While you’re at it, try cleaning the windows to brighten up the place.

4. Change your window treatments

Window treatments have a major impact on your perception of the architecture of a space, more than almost any other decorating choice. Shades that mount on the inside of a window allow a nice, minimal look, but there are plenty of other options, depending on your style. 

5. Cut the clutter

Copious amounts of clutter can bring your space down. Commit a few hours to clearing things out, taking items you no longer need to be donated, and even creating a junk drawer (or basket!). You may be surprised at how much better you feel about your home.

6. Remove one thing

Sometimes, removing a single large, bulky piece of furniture can make your whole space feel brighter and freer.

7. Find a signature scent

Even if your home doesn't look as good as you would like, you can still make it smell good. Find a scent you absolutely love, whether it's a candle, incense or air freshener, and make it your space's signature scent—one you love and will immediately associate with home.

8. Share it with friends

Our favorite places are often the ones where we’ve had the best memories. So, make a few new fabulous memories in your home—invite friends over for a game night or casual dinner party, and fill your space with love and warmth. Reflecting on all those good times will make you see your home in a totally different light.